To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask...that is the question. So far, in New Hampshire, wearing a mask in stores is highly recommended but not mandated. According to NBC 10, city officials in Nashua, NH are considering making it mandatory in certain stores. There will be a vote on the ordinance on May 26th.

In Portsmouth, NH, wearing a face mask is strongly recommended, but not mandated according to And in Salem, NH a proposed ordinance would require masks or you could be facing a fine, according to 

Well, now in addition to worrying about whether you're actually mandated to wear a mask inside businesses in New Hampshire, customers are actually fighting each other for NOT wearing a mask.

This happened in Las Vegas, and I'd like to think here in the Granite State cooler heads would prevail. is reporting that things heated up inside a Costco (which requires masks) when a customer starting filming himself with no mask on in the checkout line.  He was berating the cashier for telling him that he had to wear a mask, and was irate when he was asked to leave and had his cart taken away.

The employee then posted the exchange to his twitter account where he got a bunch of support.

In Los Angeles, police were called when two men got into a fight over not wearing masks according to ABC 3340.    In Michigan, police were searching for a man who wiped his nose on a Dollar Tree Employee after being told he had to wear a mask, according to the Inquirer.

In Louisville, a friend of mine went into the grocery store and got into a verbal argument when someone not wearing a mask kept getting in his personal space.  He decided to leave his cart and just walk away.  Probably a good decision!

The Today Show reported that tensions are high throughout the country.

So, if you're out shopping, take a deep breath, put your mask on and let's all play nice!


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