If a new law passes, it will ban puppy mills in the state of Massachusetts.

Why anyone would buy a dog or cat from a pet shop is beyond me, unless these pet shops are receiving these animals from rescues and shelters.

If these reported bills pass, it would not affect buying from reputable breeders and instead would make pet shops sell animals that come only from shelters and rescue centers.

According to WCVB, and according to Michigan State University’s Animal Legal & Historical Center, puppy mills are "facilities where dogs are forced to breed their whole lives until they are physically incapable."

No one cares about the well being of the dogs, and it's all about making money.

Other types of pet shop bans are in effect in Massachusetts, but only in Boston, Cambridge and Stoneham, according to the news station. Maryland and California have also banned pet shops from receiving dogs from puppy mills.

Robert Likins, vice president of governmental affairs at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a nonprofit organization that “promotes and represents the interest of all segments of the pet industry,” said in the WCVB article, according to BloombergBusiness.com, “While we are absolutely against animal cruelty and support a lot of bills that address it ... this misses the mark. This doesn’t address animal cruelty. It makes a bunch of assumptions about where pet stores get their puppies and then proposes to basically put the pet stores out of business based on those assumptions that are not supported by facts.”

A lot of pet stores would be in trouble financially if these bills pass.

For the record, not every pet shop in Massachusetts receives puppies from puppy mills.

But during an investigation by the Companion Animal Protection Society, it was claimed that 10 pet shops were getting their pets from puppy mills, according to WCVB.

If you really want a puppy/dog why don't you rescue one from a shelter and save a dog's life?

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