I've had a few people in radio tell me you won't believe how nice country artists can be. Just real down to earth people and really appreciative and grateful to country radio for supporting them.

To think that not too long ago Riley Green was framing houses for a living and playing for a $100 a night at a local Mexican restaurant where he lived.

And he now has had a No. 1 record, and he's just getting started.

Riley came through today to perform a few songs and answer a few questions. Check out this video with Riley and me in 60 seconds with Riley Green.

He answered some rapid-fire questions including when the last time he cried was, what he couldn't live without and what he'd bring to a deserted island. The answers may surprise you!

And it's all just a big part of WOKQ Sessions. Take a look at who has come through to perform here!

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