The leading lady of Runaway June tied the knot with her boyfriend of a year and a half, Martin Johnson, over the weekend. Martin is the front man of the pop rock band Boys Like Girls and the new wave band the Night Game (Fun Fact: I went to high school with Martin's band mate, the lead guitarist of BLG: Paul DiGiovanni) Martin hails from Andover, MA, so it is not totally surprising that the two decided to tie the knot in New England. They settled on Rangeley, Maine, because what makes a more idyllic wedding backdrop than a pristine lake and gorgeous mountains as far as the eye can see? Nothing, that's what.

The two were joined by a small group of family and friends. Their small but mighty tribe of loved ones held hands in a circle around them as they officially became husband and wife.

A close friend of the couple named Kevin Bisch, aka Rev Kev, officiated the ceremony and according to Naomi, he did a bang up job! She said he better keep the license so he can baptize their babies.

kevin_bisch via Instagram
kevin_bisch via Instagram

Naomi, who is a Florida native (and was raised in an Amish community with 10 brothers and sisters) seems like a big fan of the state of Maine. She described their venue, Bald Mountain Camps Resort, as

"a place where I’m certain time doesn’t exist or matter. A place where the wild untamable beauty of the northern Maine lakes and mountains are captured just enough to taste, smell and hear. With the night calls of the Loon, the smell of camp fires and the most magnificent sunsets you’ll ever lay eyes on but you are left with a knowing that you will never ever truly grasp or harness her unattainable wild spirit and beauty"

WHOA! Can you tell she's a song writer? She described the whole vibe as a Parent Trap/Summer Camp themed wedding.

A big 'ole congrats to the happy couple! May you enjoy many years of wedding bliss. Please come back to visit Maine again real soon!

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