I have always admired people who do some sort of polar plunge for charity. You know, sacrificing yourself for the good of others.

I personally have never done a polar plunge or swim of any kind, but I have tried to take a cold shower (first thing in the morning) because allegedly it's supposed to be good for you. I did that once and said I'll pass on this one, maybe I'll try walking 10,000 steps instead!

That said, according to seacoastonline.com, on Friday, two New England men took the polar plunge to swim to raise money for "Chucky's Fight."

The two men were Dan Luciano from Kittery, Maine, and Chucky Rosa from Seabrook, New Hampshire. The event took place in Kittery, Maine, at Pepperrell Cove.

Every winter, the news site reported, Luciano picks one month to go into the water every day of that month, all in the name of Rosa's nonprofit "Chucky's Fight"

Rosa runs the recovery nonprofit in memory of his own boys, seacoastonline.com stated. He lost not one, but two of his boys to heroin, Vincent and Domenic.

For about 15 years, Luciano himself has raised $25,000 to help battle this drug addiction problem that we have here locally as well as nationwide, according to seacoastonline.com. This whole thing is sad, and especially for families and people who just don't have the funds to receive help. It's estimated that Luciano himself has helped 100 people get help.

Last year alone the organization gave out $ 60,000 to help people get into sober living, according to seacoastonline.com

Here are a few things the news site has reported that some people have written in response to "Chucky's Fight":

“Chucky’s Fight gave me my life back. I’m now sober 19 months. I have my kids back, I have God back in my life, and I have hope for a future for me and my kids.”

“Saying thank you isn’t enough. I look forward to meeting the people who gave me a second chance at life.”

For more information on Chucky’s Fight, visit www.chuckysfight.com.


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