You might think the rise in virus cases in Durham would be solely linked to their proximity to the University of New Hampshire and its students, but Town Administrator Todd Selig doesn’t believe that is the only reason, according to WMUR.

In only 10 days, cases have quadrupled in the town of Durham, according to the news station.

Selig tells WMUR, “I think this is a really sobering reminder that getting together in this COVID environment is a challenge and to maintain those protocols, the masks, the social distancing.”

The recent spike in cases may be due to Halloween gatherings?

The last day of classes for UNH students is Friday, and they are not slated to return to in-person learning until February. The UNH students are going to finish this semester virtually.

Something has to change to keep the case count down in Durham. Local towns were warned about taking extra precautions around Halloween and trick-or-treating.

With the upcoming holidays, the plans for family get-togethers and small group gatherings could increase the risk of the spread of COVID-19.  It might be the year to cancel your Friendsgiving plans and stick to just members of your immediate household.

I think I can speak for many that the COVID fatigue is real.  I can’t remember the last time I ate at a restaurant. I miss concerts and having a beer with friends.  Let’s hope that vaccine is on the way quickly.

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