You never know what's going to happen when reporters are out in the field covering a story.

Case in point. New Center Maine's Samantha Sugerman was getting ready to report on a bridge dedication in Norridgewock, Maine over the weekend, when something crazy happened while her cameraman was rolling tape.

As you will see from the video below published by News Center Maine, Sugerman was getting ready to record her piece when an ATV revved up its engine and crossed the intersection right where the Sugerman was standing. The video shows the ATV going up on two wheels then seemingly rolling over either the driver or the passenger.

The reporter, who was obviously in shock, yelled out to the couple to see if they were okay. Both the driver and passenger got back on their feet and took off. News Center Maine reports there were no injuries reported from area hospitals, so local police assume the two people involved were not seriously injured.

Local authorities say Bridge Road, where the incident took place is an ATV access road, so it is not against the law to operate and ATV on that section of roadway.

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