Morgan from Newport, New Hampshire, had to miss out on prom this year which is bummer city, population one. She had a gorgeous dress but nowhere to wear it...or so she thought! Enter Morgan's dad who wanted to make sure his daughter still had a special night and made memories that would last a lifetime.

Morgan found a picture frame on her bed with a note inside. The note said: Will you help me fill this picture frame? Put on your dress and meet me on the porch for prom 2020.

Yahoo! A reason to take the prom dress out of her closet and curl her hair. That is exactly what she did.

She came down to find her father dressed to impressed in a shirt and tie. He even had a corsage for her!

This prom had EVERYTHING! Even cupcakes!

Outside there was a table decorated with balloons and confetti. They had an awesome prom photo shoot and even drank champagne! Well, Morgan is under aged so she had ginger ale but it was still cool!

Morgan's mom Brandy shared this heart warming tale with photos on the u Local New Hampshire page and it got so much love. When life gives you lemons, throw a prom in your backyard! Thank you Brandy for showing us that beauty that can come out of an unfortunate circumstance.

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