Whoa this is crazy! I feel very connected to this story because where it took place is my go-to beach when I visit my parents. They live less than a 5-minute drive from Falmouth Heights Beach, or "The Heights" as we like to call it. A family from Danvers, Massachusetts, discovered something pretty awesome buried in the sand.

3-year-old Lila was doing her three year old thing and looking for shells in the sand. All of a sudden shed discovered a big brown bottle with a cork in it! She brought it to her parents and they uncorked the bottle and found a message inside. According to WMUR the message said:

"Sent from the UK. March 3, 2009"

WHOA! How cool is that? That message traveled across the pond and was written over a decade ago. With e-mail, Snapchats, and Zoom calls the message in a bottle method is considered pretty old school. But how cool would it be to send a bottle out this year have someone in China find it in the year 2031!?

The Chin family thought it was pretty awesome so they plan to put their own message in the bottle and throw it back in the ocean.

My message would say:

"My Name is Kira and I am from America. Please add me on Tik Tok at @DJKlew88" Then when someone finds it in 50 years they will say, "What the hell is Tik Tok?"

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