You could own one of the most unique attractions in Maine. The Desert of Maine, in Freeport, is up for sale.

WGME-TV is reporting that after 15 years, the owners of the 40-acre property are putting it on the market for $725,000. It includes surrounding trails, a 48-site camping area, a gift shop and a 225-year-old barn.

I still remember when both of my kids went there on an elementary school field trip. Jack came home thinking he wanted to be a geologist! And it's one of the first places my mom wanted to go when she visited me in Maine a few years ago.

The owners, Gary and Ginger Currens, tell WGME they hope whoever buys the desert will keep it as a unique attraction. And speaking as a former resident of Maine, and a dad...I hope so too. It's one of the most unique places I've ever seen.


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