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According to all of their social media accounts, they'll return on June 1 while they do a digital detox during the month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.  This is L.L.Bean's second year pausing all social to support their partnership with Mental Health America.  Talk about a powerful statement.

As we know, companies rely on their online presence and the algorithm of consistent posting to share their stories, products, and brand imaging.  So what I love about this is L.L.Bean is literally putting mental health and well-being ahead of themselves as a company that needs to make profits to survive. I applaud them.  According to L.L.Bean, they've partnered with a University of California Professor named Dr. Paul Piff, who researches how the powerful yet calming nature of the outdoors is scientifically proven to enhance our overall well-being.

They even have this link to help all of us out.  What a perfect fit, too, seeing that L.L.Bean has always been about a lifelong love affair with the outdoors. So are you going to log off your social for a bit in May for this Mental Health Awareness Month? Whether you're an outdoorsy person or not, I know this inspires me, and hopefully you, too, to do other things besides engaging on personal social.  I mean, let's be honest; each time we step outside, there is a restorative power about it.  L.L.Bean’s Feel Good Challenge in partnership with Strava is another way to get involved with your mental well-being, and here's a link to that, too.

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