1.1 million dollars will be put towards purse money for two events in September.

According to the Lowell Sun, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved two additional days of live Thoroughbred racing at Suffolk Downs next month. This, in spite of the sale of the 161-acre property from Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, LLC to the McClellan Highway Development Company, LCC. Suffolk Downs, which will have another use in the future continues as a horse racing facility at least September 15th and 16th. The Boston/Revere track ceased hosting regular racing in 2014. According to the Lowell Sun, the previous ownership group negotiated a lease of the horse track to allow it to host live racing and simulcast wagering at Suffolk Downs through this year.

Commissioner Gayle Cameron told the Lowell Sun "It is a way for our local folks to race, and others."  Chairman Steven Crosby added "It always seems to generate enthusiasm and a pretty good audience and hopefully tells our Legislature that, yes, there should be a future for Thoroughbred racing."




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