Beware of wildlife AND domesticated life, while driving…

No good deed goes unpunished, so the saying goes. The saying holds true for a local man from Deerfield peacefully driving his truck, too.

Now, I’m always cautious of wildlife on local roads, especially deer, squirrels and baby geese. So when I heard about this story out of Deerfield, I realized that I had more to worry about.  Even if I am being respectful.

According to a story from the Union Leader by Jason Schreiber, a HORSE did some serious damage to a pickup truck in Deerfield, and the driver could not have been nicer.

As he was driving, he noticed a woman riding a horse next to his truck. He was headed to make a right-hand turn but stopped because the horse was right next to him. Being polite, he thought he would wait till the horse passed the street and he could turn right.

The horse had other ideas, the news story reported.

Maybe because it was a red pickup? Maybe the horse liked the driver or the truck? Maybe it was just tired?

We may never know, but according to the Union Leader, the horse just backed into the side of the truck like it was attempting to sit on it.

Whatever the horse was thinking, it did some damage to the vehicle, the Union Leader stated.

Of course, the best part of the story is that no one was hurt.  Except the truck. Try explaining that one to your insurance company.

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