We asked meteorologist Rob Carolan that very question this morning.

It turns out, at least for those of us in New Hampshire, the answer is "no, we did not." Here is what is required for a blizzard to be a blizzard, according to the National Weather Service glossary:

National Weather Service
National Weather Service Glossary

Nashua and parts of the seacoast came awfully close, Rob explained, but the winds came just a few miles per hour short of landing official blizzard status. The volume of snow, and some areas saw 30+ inches, isn't as much of a factor in what makes a blizzard as is the wind blowing the stuff around. We had had a nasty storm with a ton of wind and snow, we just didn't have a blizzard.

snowy walkway
Roy's walkway

All I know is that if this is your walkway (well, let's hope it isn't as it is mine and that would be awkward), then the title doesn't mean much. Finally, Rob also predicted we could see a light snowfall this weekend preceding a decent sized storm that could land on the night of the Super Bowl. What!? Details tomorrow with The Morning Waking Crew!