Did you have the cool house on the block? Did your friends LOVE coming over your house after to school because your mom always stocked the pantry with the best snacks?! Did you have a pool or a trampoline? What about a cool dog to play with?

My parents are lovely people but they NEVER stocked our house with cool snacks. They are always dieting and watching their sugar intake so the only thing you would find would be the tiny weight watcher carrot cake bites that were 2 points each. And even those were off limits because my mom would kill you if you dipped into her stash. I have a very vivid memory of always eating a kosher dill pickle after school because we always had a jar of pickles in the fridge. We DID have a trampoline before my dad figured out it was an insurance liability, so that upped our score in the cool department.

A website called SWNS Digital conducted a survey to deduce what exactly made a house a “cool” house! Their research found that it was a combo of the following factors:

  • Good snacks
  • Video games
  • Cable TV
  • Pool
  • Cool Toys
  • Big backyard
  • Board Games
  • A dog or cool pet
  • Siblings to play with
  • Trampoline

There you have it! So was your house the cool one? Or was there another cool house on the block? If so, what did they have?

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