For the first time in my life I'm starting to see a lot of bodies of water frozen, and it's amazing to me.

Looks like they just declared Lake Winnipesaukee frozen (but still be cautious), and when I drive over the Piscataqua bridge, I think about what it's gonna look like in a month or so.

But did you know that ice harvesting was a thing way back when and was worth millions?

WMUR reported the Maine Maritime Museum is celebrating the ice harvesting days with an exhibit all about it.

I didn't realize that there were over 1 million pounds of ice harvested out of one river in Maine!

The news station stated that the exhibit "shows the challenges of harvesting ice, the controversial Mainers who profited and the global significance of the industry."

And it looks like all that ice made it more valuable than California's gold production, according to WMUR.

I'd love to check out the exhibit to learn more, and it turns out that it's free to get in for the month of February.

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