It can be a shocking experience when you're driving on the highway and snow or worse, a sheet of ice, comes flying up from the roof of the car in front of you. Because of Jessica's Law, drivers in New Hampshire are legally required to clear snow and ice off their cars before getting on the road.

WMUR reporter Erin Fehlau posted this jarring photo on her Instagram this week and captioned it:

"This is what happened to a windshield yesterday on a local highway when ice flew off another vehicle. This is why NH has Jessica’s Law which requires drivers to clear off their vehicles before hitting the road."


People know how dangerous not clearing ice and snow off their roof can be, but sometimes laziness prevails. Every single winter, New Hampshire State Police make a point to remind drivers that Jessica's Law in our state is no joke. You MUST clean off your roof before driving or there will be severe consequences.

What will happen if you decide to drive without clearing off your car? First-time violators can be fined up to $500, and multiple offenders can be fined up to $1,000, according to WMUR. It's not worth it, people!

Jessica's Law came into effect in 2002. Library Guides reports that a sheet of ice flew off a tractor trailer truck and hit another one, causing a head-on collision in which Jessica Smith, 20, was killed. Jessica's mother, Linda Smith, has said in the past that "It takes not even five minutes to clean off your car. It can take three seconds to kill somebody."

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