Did you know there is an annual festival that celebrates the magical gooey goodness of Marshmallow Fluff? The 101st anniversary of Fluff, which was invented in Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts will take place Saturday, September 22nd from 3p-7p. (rain date is Sunday, September 23rd).

Archibald Query invented Marshmallow Fluff back in 1917. Scores of Fluff fans are expected to join the fun. The events is filled with fun events for kids and adults alike. It is a very rare occurrence when there is not a jar of Marshmallow Fluff in my kitchen cabinet, right next to my peanut butter. There's nothing quite like a 'Fluffernutter.'

This year's 'What the Fluff Festival' will celebrate the 101st anniversary of the popular sugary concoction with fluff-themed activities, games and treats! The theme this year is 'Fluff the 13th!' Should be a fun, bewitching time!


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