If you have not watched the Netflix show The Umbrella Academy, here is a little information about the show. The Netflix series recently released its third season, however, all the seasons follow six (really seven) siblings (otherwise known as the Hargreeves family or Umbrella Academy) with superpowers who have the ability to time travel, and they tend to constantly find themselves in an apocalypse. Without giving too much information away, that is probably the best synopsis that I can give you.

After binge-watching all the seasons, I was wondering if the characters had lived in Maine and happened to travel back in time, what disasters would they have faced? Obviously, there has not been anything close to an apocalypse in Maine (except back in 1780 when Mainers thought the apocalypse was upon them due to dark skies).

Spoiler Warning: In the second season, The Umbrella Academy ends up in different years across the 1960s (some just months apart).

Knowing that I decided to look up some disasters that occurred in Maine during the '60s.

The December Nor'easter

According to Only in Your State, in 1960, an insane storm hit along the east coast all the way up to Maine. There was heavy snow, temperatures so cold that were considered life-threatening, and strong wind over 90 mph.

The February Nor'easter

Of course, being in New England, there is always a chance of a storm, but Nor'easters are a whole other level. In 1969, Mainers underwent the February Nor'easter. According to Only in Your State, this storm was underestimated by Mainers, originally told that it would only be a chance of snow. Instead, this Nor'easter was the heaviest snowfall amount in Maine. Bangor areas had more than 42 inches of snow and Lewiston received over 32 inches.

A Hijacked Plane Stopped in Bangor

In the same year as the February Nor'easter, Bangor got more than over 42 inches of snow, it also had a hijacked plane stop there. According to Only in Your State, this hijacking was unlike others, it was the longest-lasting hijacking ever. The plane was going from LA to San Francisco. You may be wondering why it stopped in Maine, well there were many stops for this trip (Denver, New York, Maine, and Ireland) since it needed to be refueled. The hijackers decided to take the plane to another destination, Italy.

The Great Fire of Portland

Granted the great fire of Portland, did not happen in the 1960s, I thought it would still be interesting due to the fact that it occurred 100 years prior in 1866. Only in Your State writes that on July 4th, 1866, Portland was engulfed in flames. The fire started in a boat house on Commercial Street and the fire expanded to burn down Commerical Street. The fire spread to a lumber year and then to a sugar house. It did not take long for the fire to spread across the city of Portland. The fire did stop on Munjoy Hill but did end up making 10,000 people homeless and burnt down 1,800 buildings.

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