Skipping that trip to the Disney Parks in Orlando this summer? There's a fascinating alternative closer to home worth considering.

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The Museum of Science in Boston is officially reopening to the public on Sunday, July 26. Their newest exhibit is a fun one.

Sure, no afternoon parade, or Space Mountain, but you will get a taste of the real "magic" behind Disney's Pixar with the Science Behind Pixar exhibit.


Pixar, of course, being behind beloved movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Inside Out. They made a huge impact on the animation industry with their revolutionary computer-generated animation style and have only grown and improved year after year.


This exhibit will give guests a behind the scenes look at how their favorite movies are made with an in-depth look at the technology, engineering, and even math, that goes into the films. You can get all the details on the exhibit here.

Not everyone feels safe to travel and that's totally okay. The Museum of Science has a virtual exhibit you can see here.

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