Gasp.  Reporting from says many signs are pointing to Tom Brady ending his time with the Patriots.  Will it be retirement or is he moving on to another team.  There are some troubling signs that we may be losing the GOAT.


Sign number 1.  He has placed his house up for sale.  Brady’s house, if you can call the mega-mansion a “house,” located in Brookline is up for sale with an asking price of $33.9 million.  Just let that sink in.  It might take a bit of time to find a buyer with that much money.  Sign number 2.  His trainer has ALSO put his house up for sale.  ESPN's Adam Schefter also points out that Brady “has set up his contract to void after this season to become a free agent.”  Brady is 42 years old and while an amazing athlete, he can’t play football forever.  Will this be his last year?


You would imagine that coach Bill Belichick would be beside himself with worry to coach a team without his superstar but could Bill Belichick be looking forward to coaching a team without Brady so he could take credit for his coaching skill?  Some opinions are that the reason the Patriots dominate is not coaching, but the greatest player of all time.  I mean, who wouldn’t win with Brady as a quarterback?  Maybe Bill Belichick would like to prove that his coaching skills are superb before he faces his own inevitable retirement.



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