Doggy Daycare

Similar to needing a safe place to drop your kids at during the day, doggy daycares provide a fun and secure place for your four-legged friend to spend the day while you’re away. These daycares work a lot like daycare for children, offering a space for you to drop them off in the morning while you go work and they will have undivided attention, care, fun, and education.

While dog daycares share many similarities with a typical daycare for humans, they do have their major differences because dogs are, well, dogs. Believe it or not, dogs and humans do not receive the same structured care when it comes to daily activities.

Dog… Quiet Time?

One of those differences would be nap time. Never in my life have I considered a part of a dog’s day to be structured ‘quiet rest time’ because it’s a dog? It will rest when it tuckers itself out or curl up and chill when it’s feeling tired. The only time I have personally heard about some type of “nap schedule” for a dog is when it’s a puppy but you don’t force it to sleep, you just don’t disturb it when it chooses to rest.

How do you make a dog sleep? How do you tell him it’s quiet time? Am I missing something?

A friend of mine’s dog recently got kicked out of its doggy daycare for, “being too rowdy during quiet rest time” and I was flabbergasted. What is quiet rest time for a group of dogs at daycare? Do they have designated cots and the lights shut off and it’s time to nap?

I've never personally put a dog into doggy daycare so maybe I'm missing something. I've worked at human daycares and am very aware of the importance of a structured post-lunch naptime but it was hard enough to get human beings who can communicate to listen and quiet down, how the heck do you manage a group of dogs to all rest at once?

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