I have said it before and will say it again: firefighters and all other first responders are the best.

Just a few days ago, a dog fell into a well in Gilford, New Hampshire.

The well was about 15 feet down, and the poor dog was stuck.

Could you imagine being that dog? Hopeless, confused, trapped, and 15 feet below your owners (likely yelling and concerned)?

Fortunately, the Gilford, New Hampshire, fire department came and helped rescue the dog.

After the firefighters retrieved the innocent pup, the dog was brought to a veterinarian. The dog is completely fine; probably just shook.

This was probably a very easy rescue for the department. However, it reminds me just how much our first responders do.

Yes, firefighters fight fire. But they also rescue dogs, climb trees to save cats, and so much more.

Same thing with nurses. Yes, they give you your medication and take your vitals. But they care for you, walk with you, interact with your family, and care for you on a much deeper level.

Police officers are the same. Yes, they protect the community and make arrests when necessary to keep our towns and cities safe. But I have seen police officers doing much more.

Just last week, I saw someone walking in the rain, and a NH State Trooper pulled over next to him. Now, I was driving by, so I may not know the whole thing. However, from what I saw, the police officer simply offered the man a ride to wherever he was going.

A big thank you and congratulations to the Gilford Fire Department and all of our first responders for keeping our community, people, and pets safe.

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