She Sticks with him Through Thick or Thin

I wrote last month about Wahlberg’s crazy diet to gain weight for his movie role in the upcoming film “Stu.”  He posted a picture of himself and his wife Rhea Durham out on their 12th wedding anniversary and he looks thin again according to   I don’t know how he does it but it’s nice to see a Hollywood couple that seems happy together after 12 years.  That’s like a lifetime for a Hollywood marriage.  She really does stick with him when he is thin or thick.  It looks like the real thing to me.


The Couple Look Good


After all these years together, they still look good!  I have no idea how Wahlberg has kept his Calvin Kline model body, he gained so much weight for a movie role and now is back to looking like his trim self again.  He’s come a long way from being Marky Mark from Boston.  It’s hard to believe he is 50!  He is putting me to shame!  His wife Rhea is a bit younger, but the former model still has her model's good looks.


Check them out on Instagram


Wahlberg took to Instagram and posted a photo of the two celebrating with tons of heart emojis and the praying hand's emoji according to the   He is now wearing a buzz cut which is sure to bring the style back in fashion. Personally, I love the buzz cut but my wife prefers the George Clooney hair with beard look.  I got to keep the wife happy. Happy wife happy life.

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