What’s worse than getting arrested?

Getting arrested twice... in one day.

This past Tuesday, a Maine motorist was arrested twice in the same day on Interstate 95 according to an article in U.S. News.

Way to get it all done at once, I guess. The first arrest happened North of Augusta for crashing into three different cars in Manchester, the article shared, and he apparently was acting in a way that showed, “very obvious [signs of] impairment”.

If someone crashed into three separate vehicles I would definitely assume they were at least slightly inebriated, or you just straight up shouldn’t have a license. I’ve had my fair share of fender benders but never three-for-one.

The second arrest was later in the day for walking on the Interstate. The article said that he told authorities he was walking 30 miles home because his vehicle was seized. Makes sense. But, we all know you can’t walk on the highway, so another arrest was made.

The article goes on to let us know that the charge was dropped for walking on the Interstate, so he was released from jail on Wednesday. Just a nice little overnight at the station. The charges he will still face, though, are the following: Charges for operating under the influence, driving without a license, failure to stop for law enforcement, and leaving the scene of three accidents.

For such a long list of charges, two arrests ain’t so bad.

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