This is a feel good story.

According to a story from Foster's in Dover, Sharon McCusker Moore received a Facebook message from someone she didn't know from France.  The first message was deleted, then, she got another one from the same woman.  Knowing that she shouldn't open anything from a stranger, she opened the message anyway and discovered that her father's wallet had been found from his time in the U.S. Military 65 years ago!  The owner of the property it was found in was in the French Army and felt an obligation to return it to the family.

Sharon, along with her brother, after she received the wallet, spread the contents out on her kitchen table.  Pictures of her aunt, her Mother, her Dad's Social Security card and military papers.  How amazing is that?!!

My Dad was in WWII as well and our family does not have many things from that time in his life, so we would be thrilled to get this news!  My Dad was also a radio operator in the military.  Not the same as what I do, but still pretty cool to think that I have walked in my Father's footsteps.

I'm very happy for this family!

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