If you've ever been to Harvey's in downtown Dover you are not surprised it snagged the 'Best Bakery' title in the Best of NH 2019 issue. They award everything from 'Best Brewery', to 'Best Beach', to the 'Best Yoga Studio'.

Harvey's pastry case is a magical place filled with joy and wonder. If you select any of the above confections you won't be disappointed. My Harvey's treat of choice? I'm so glad you asked! The creme filled maple round is 100% where it's at. It is the most amazing thing that will ever grace your lips. That is not an exaggeration!

I also have been known to grab a few cakes from Harvey's on Valentine's Day. They will label them with the name of you and your sweetheart in icing if you ask nicely. Even if the nicknames you have for each other are mildly embarrassing, they don't judge!

What is your go-to treat at Harvey's?

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