Picture From TMZ Youtube
Picture From TMZ Youtube


Okay, right. According to TMZ  Dr. Oz thinks he can take on the super ripped Mark Wahlberg in a push-up contest because, and wait for it… Mark Wahlberg believes in eating breakfast.  That’s right. TMZ says Dr. Oz’s big argument with Mark Wahlberg is that Oz thinks breakfast is unnecessary and feels intermittent fasting is the way to go.  Dr. Oz believes that his recommendation to skip breakfast is based on science.  Dr. Oz also believed green tea extract would help people lose weight.


Dr. Oz’s theory that ancient man did not wake up to a prepared breakfast but instead had to get up in the morning and go hunt his food is interesting.  It seems he has a supporter in Jillian Michaels, the fitness guru famous for appearing on the television show “The Biggest Loser.”


But seriously, Dr. Oz beat Mark Wahlberg in a one-leg push-up challenge?  My money is on Mark Wahlberg.  After seeing the shredded, ripped photos Wahlberg recently posted to Instagram (a story I wrote about recently) I doubt Dr. Oz would stand a chance.  Breakfast or no breakfast.


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