Saturday night, an intoxicated man allegedly got behind the wheel of a vehicle with four children inside and attempted to drive off.

According to Seacoast Online, around 8:30 Saturday night, it was reported 49 year old Francis Curran of North Hampton got behind the wheel of a car with the children ages 2 to 11. Portsmouth Police Chief Michael Maloney told Seacoast the car was parked at the Mobil Quick Stop at 803 Lafayette Road. While the driver was inside, Maloney attempted to start the car, using the keys left in the ignition. He was not able to start the vehicle, exited, and walked away. It was then one of the older children in the car ran inside the store and reported what happened to the adult. The suspect was soon apprehended.

Police told Seacoast, Curran is charged with a misdemeanor alleging prowling, four misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and a felony alleging he attempted to steal the vehicle. A sobriety test revealed Curran's blood alcohol level to be .13.





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