After parting ways with my 2013 Jeep Wrangler about three years ago, I decided that I missed the "Jeep life."

So I did what only made sense. I bought another Jeep. This time, it was a 2020 Jeep Gladiator (the Jeep trucks as they say).

For the first few weeks, I noticed that when I was waving to people (you know the Jeep wave), they were not waving back to me. That could only be for two reasons:

1. The Jeep Gladiators (trucks) do not count. It is specific to the Wrangler.

2. The wave itself was out and the ducks were in.

After making a poll, I have gathered it was a combo of the two. But really, it was more so that the wave was out and the ducks were in.

So the new "thing" Jeep owners are doing is putting a rubber duck on the door of fellow Jeeps. You will see them displayed on Wrangler and Gladiator dashboards.

After I received a few, I had a brilliant idea that has now evolved into something EPIC all over New England.

As we approach country concert season, I will be going to country concerts and seeing, meeting, and interviewing your favorite country artists.

Instead of me placing a random rubber duck on Jeeps this spring and summer, I will be placing autographed ducks signed by your favorite country superstars.


Check it out below. We had Ashley Cooke in the studio last week, and I got her to agree to sign a duck. I took that duck and found a random Jeep in New England and "ducked" them.

Although the first round did not go as planned (as I was caught in the act by the driver), this idea is exploding.

So for the entirety of country concert season, I will be collecting signed ducks from your favorite artists and dispersing them to Jeeps all over New England.

If you drive a Jeep, keep an eye out for it. The goal is for the "ducking" to be a mystery, I do not plan to get caught every time. If you find a duck on your jeep that is from 97.5 WOKQ, we would LOVE IT if you would DM us, post on your socials and/or tag us, etc.

Feel free to comment where you work, and maybe I will head there for the next ducking...which may or may not be signed by Bailey Zimmerman (no spoilers).

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