I’m not sure why but this story just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because this guy’s intentions are so blatantly selfish and it’s not a good look. I am weirdly protective of Adam Sandler. We’re not friends or anything (though I wish we were) but his movies were an integral part of my childhood. They are part of the fabric of my being! They are the reason my brother and I ever got along as children because we would both quote “Billy Madison” 'til we were blue in the face! Also, he’s a Granite Stater, born and bred in Manchester so obviously we love that.

According to the NY post, a dude named Seth Cohen was working as a production assistant on the movie “Big Daddy” back in 1998. This is Seth:

Apparently, Adam asked Seth to hang out on a “bro date” and invited him to his NYC apartment for a drink. For whatever reason, Seth didn’t take him up on that offer and he has been regretting it ever since.

Seth isn’t regretting it because he knows the San Man is a genuine and nice fella! He’s regretting it because of what the friendship COULD have done for his career. It’s no secret that Adam takes care of his friends and gives them roles in all of his movies. Perhaps Seth would have been a part of that club if he had gone for that drink. But alas, the past is in the past. But Seth is having a REALLY hard time letting go. He even went as far as to make a documentary called “Finding Sandler”. 22 years later, Seth still hasn’t had that drink with the comedy legend and he beats himself up about it on a daily basis.

The moral of the story kiddos? Never turn down Adam Sandler when he asks to grab a drink with you or else you will live with a lifetime of regret.

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