Courtesy of KIII 3 News youtube
Courtesy of
KIII 3 News youtube

The tragedy of the murder of Jim and Michelle Butler continues. Jim and Michelle Butler, the Rumney, New Hampshire couple that were found murdered and buried in shallow graves on Kleberg Beach in Texas need to come home.  A fundraising effort has begun by their good friend Jamie Gleason to raise money to bring the couple’s remains home for burial in New Hampshire according to reporting from WMUR9.

Jamie Gleason says when she first moved to New Hampshire she didn’t know anyone, and the Butler’s took her under their wing and made her feel welcome.  She tole WMUR9 “they were just so welcoming.  It was like open arms, and it made me feel like I was home again.”  Gleason is selling decals with the quote favored by the Butler’s “Because nice matters.”

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for the couple.  It’s incredibly sad that funds need to be raised to bring their remains home.  Because nice matters, a motto that really sticks with me is a testament to what was lost.  All of the Butler’s friends speak so highly of the couple I wish I could have met them.  I hope the fundraising effort is successful and these lovey New Hampshire residents can be brought home and lain to rest in the Granite State.

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