The accused reportedly has 83 arraignments on her record.

Last Saturday, Elaine Moore-Ouellette was in Danvers, Massachusetts grocery shopping. By the time she was in the store, she had been attacked. According to NECN, Moore-Ouellette was waiting for a handicapped spot when another woman "came in like a bat out of you know what," and took the space. There were words exchanged, but that's it, according to the victim, and she moved onto another spot. Next, she told NECN she then took her cane, put it into a shopping cart and headed into the store. Moore-Ouellette, a "slow walker," said the assault took place as they were walking in. "While we were in between the two set of doors, she said something and I turned around and she hit me right on my face," said Moore-Ouellette. "Blood pouring down."

According to court documents, the suspect, Donna Rowe, took off, but employees were able to get her car's license plate and she was taken into custody. Rowe was arraigned Monday on assault and battery charges. Police say she has a lengthy criminal record, including 83 arraignments.

Rowe insisted to NBC10 Boston she was the one punched first, though she is very sorry she hurt the elderly woman.

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