The other day we found about the craft brewing major offered at Colorado State University, and now we have a local school teaching kids how to be funny.

Not to be outdone, another unique 4 year major is available here in New England at Emerson College. Students at the Boston school which specializes in the arts and communication can go for a Bachelors degree in Comedic Arts.

According to the Associated Press  "the course will focus on the history and theory of comedy, with the idea of prepping students for a career in comedy."

Emerson has some famous alums who have made their mark in comedy, Jay Leno, Denis Leary, Steven Wright, and the man who created television classics like ALL IN THE FAMILY and THE JEFFERSONS, Norman Lear.

I've been fortunate enough to be friends with professional comdians like Steven Wright and Jimmy Dunn. They would probably give a personal word of caution. It takes years of practice and even though you can teach theory, timing and technique... you can't teach being funny.

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