Donut Love opened its second location at 127 Water Street in Exeter on May 30 and people just can’t get enough of them.  To open a new location during a pandemic takes bravery and complete confidence in your product.  Donut Love owner Mike Oliveria knew he choose the location wisely when people started tapping on the window wanting to buy the first donuts!  Oliveria tells “The buzz in Exeter has been phenomenal from the get-go.  If you asked me three years ago if I’d have another shop, I’d say no way, but we’ve done a great job building a solid team who helped us get off the ground into being a destination donut shop.”


The first Donut Love location is on Route 1 in North Hampton which opened in 2017.  It’s truly a labor of love with Mike Oliveria.  Using locally sourced ingredients in the majority of his products is great for the community.  The maple syrup in the maple bacon donut comes from the area as does the chocolate for his sea salt donut.  But it’s not just the donuts.  Donut Love also has gluten-free AND dairy-free donuts.  The dairy-free variety is only available on the weekends so stock up if dairy-free is important to you.  Stop by and enjoy the donuts from 7:30 am to 2 pm, Wednesday through Sunday according to  Check them out and follow them on social media to get the scoop on their daily specials.  I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering for a bacon maple donut!




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