Since the beaches are a bit scary, with socially distancing and all, maybe a hike in the forest would be a better idea.  I am thinking about where to hike with my wife this weekend.  New Hampshire Fish and Game wants you to be on your toes this season according to According to reporting from, New Hampshire Fish and Game’s chief law enforcement officer, Col. Kevin Jordan, says “This summer, people hiking must be aware of safe social distancing, their physical limitations, weather conditions, and they must know when to turn back.”

So far this seems like the best plan to stay away from COVID-19.  Or course, it’s best to plan ahead.  My wife and I went to Franconia Park to hike the Flume Gorge a few weeks ago and did not know that tickets must be purchased in advance.  We decided not to waste the day, bought our tickets for the following day, and decided to take the closest free trail. Being on lockdown for 3 months, my wife was not up to the challenge and she is a runner.  We decided to turn back before reaching the summit because she was not feeling it and we were low on water.  It turns out it was a good choice.

Make sure you have enough water, remember, a lot of us have been on lockdown and hikes we have done easily in the past may pose a bit more of a challenge this year.  Always make sure you have the right gear (we forgot our hiking sticks) and have extra food, enough water, a compass, a map, a headlamp, matches, a first aid kit, and a whistle. My wife never leaves home without the whistle.  We had a great experience the next day when we hiked Flume Gorge.  All the hikers we encountered were awesome about stepping aside on the trail and we had our masks handy.  The staff at the park were wonderful and all masked up. Be prepared.  Don’t put our first responders in danger at this time.  The last thing they need to do is rescue you from a mountain.



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