File Under: If it looks too good on the internet to be true, it probably is.

An online coupon circulating $150 to discount chain Dollar General is the latest example of the internet pulling a fast one. According to a report from WGME 13, the online coupon was in celebration of DG's 135 years in business.

Mary Kathryn Colbert, Dollar General public relations manager said in the WGME report, "The $150 coupon circulating on Facebook is not valid and cannot be redeemed in stores or online." Oh, and according to Wikipedia, the company first began in 1939. Impressive, but NOT 135 years. This begs the question of why 135 years? If you're going to pull a fast one, at least match the numbers!

In case you haven't seen it, when clicking on the coupon, a page opens offering congratulations and telling users they have been selected to take a short survey for which they will receive a $150 store coupon. This is followed by a claim of limited availability. Once the short survey of three questions has been completed, it prompts the user to share the page on Facebook, thank Dollar General in the comments, and then "like" their page. While informing the user they have earned the $150 coupon, it doesn't seek contact information.

Dollar General isn't alone. Other companies see such offers circulating on social media, including false offers of coupons for free Delta airline tickets, tickets to Disneyland and a free Toyota.

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