If this former New England Patriot gets the XFL call, he might want to spring for a new alarm clock.

Everyone's talking about the XFL's return, and one former member of the New England Patriots is expected to be in the draft. According to USA Today, former running back Jonas Gray is expected in next week's event. Gray had brief star turn for the Patriots back in 2014. Remember when he ran for 201 yards and a franchise-record four touchdowns in a win over the Colts? Seemed like Jonas was going to be a huge part of the team that season. However, that same week, things took an odd turn for the worse.  Five days later, he overslept and was late to practice, landing him in Bill Belichick's doghouse. Connected or not, Jonas's playing time was affected, as he only played sparingly the rest of the year. The following September, he was released from the team.

There are a ton of players lined up for the XFL's return. According to USA Today, the XFL said it will add players daily to its list until Friday, when it is expected to reach 1,000 names.

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