Who doesn't love a good barbeque?  Well, maybe not vegans, but most meat-loving humans seek out the best BBQ.  You don't have live in the South to find delicious, mouth-watering slow-cooked meats and favorite sides.

There's a little known spot in Byfield, Massachusetts, just off I-95 that the locals frequent, but most else learn about it by word of mouth.  They don't advertise or boast about their awards.  The Rusty Can just focuses on making the best ribs, hot chicken, wings, and nachos any other barbeque establishment would be jealous of.  Their menu is posted on Facebook, and changes often.

Open year-round, the smoker gets going early in the morning and doesn't stop til the last batch of the day is done. Once ready, the ribs are so perfectly smoked that they fall off the bone.  Tender and delicious, the ribs are just right, with hot sauces available at any level.

Reviewers boast about the loaded nachos.  Made with slow cooked beef, these are not your typical beef nachos.  With menu items like brisket egg & cheese on a Portuguese muffin,  pork belly and mojo chicken tacos, and smoked super beef three-way plate, you can imagine that this is a hidden gem.

Each summer, the highly anticipated "Best of the North Shore" awards from North Shore Magazine are presented to best spots as voted by the customers themselves.  Also, the Salem News allows their readers to vote on the "Reader's Choice Awards" each spring.  Both are impressive awards, and regularly vote The Rusty Can BBQ in Byfield, Massachusetts, as #1 for BBQ.

Local chef Jim Sullivan is the owner and founder.  His vision was clear and has paid off.  The parking lot in this rustic location in Byfield, Massachusetts, is usually full when the BBQ joint is open.  You can smell the wood burning out back early in the morning, and savory beef slowly being cooked into someone's sumptuous lunch or dinner.  It's a no fuss restaurant with a reputation for very large servings and the most mouth-watering barbeque in the area.

The Rusty Can is worth the drive.  Don't dress up.  It's a down home spot, and finger-licking good.

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