First I said Luke Combs performing at Gillette Stadium would be the show of the summer.

Then I said Taylor Swift playing three nights at Gillette Stadium would be the show of the summer.

THEN, I had the audacity to say Kane Brown at Fenway Park would be the show of the summer...

Okay, this will be my last one, and I mean it: Morgan Wallen is performing at the historic Fenway Park this August, and it is absolutely going to be the show of the summer.

Now, Morgan Wallen alone would be a contender for show of the summer, but he really solidified it with the guests he is bringing. The Fenway Park show will be on August 18 and will include Hardy, Parker McCollum, Ernest, and Bailey Zimmerman.

15th Annual Academy of Country Music Honors - Backstage
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What a testosterone-filled stage that will be! And if you have never seen a show with Hardy, Earnest, and Morgan Wallen, be prepared.  Beers will likely be shotgunned, chugged, thrown into the pit, and more. We can call it the splash zone.

But what if you could win your way into this show instead of buying tickets? How much better would THAT be?

Don't worry, your besties at 'Kira and Logan in the Morning' will have your chance next week.

I know, crazy. But it is true.

At some point between now and December 8, Kira and I will have a chance for you to snag a pair of tickets to this show before you can even buy them.

There are simple instructions to get those: listen to us from 5:30 - 10:00 am on 97.5 WOKQ, download the WOKQ app, and be ready.

Seriously, this concert will be one to remember, and I anticipate the show selling out incredibly fast.

Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, December 9 at 4:00 PM EST. Mark your calendar, set a reminder, and do not miss out on this once in a lifetime show.

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