Last year was the summer of the shark with sightings of Great Whites off Cape Cod and numerous beach closures.  Now, it appears Maine is in the crosshairs of the Great White Sharks. is reporting on a shark attack off Bailey Island.  The first fatal shark attack in Maine’s history. The New York woman, who had a summer home in the area, was swimming off Bailey Island with her daughter around 3:30 p.m. Major Rob Beal and Patrick Keliher of Maine Marine Patrol tell

Eyewitnesses noticed that the woman was injured.  Marine Patrol reports that some alert kayakers noticed the woman and rushed to her aid.  Officials are warning swimmers and boaters to stay away from seals and schools of fish when out in the area but have not closed beaches.  The attack is still under investigation by Maine Marine Patrol.  Those kayakers were so brave to lend aid and assistance to the wounded swimmer, their actions need to be commended.


With the heatwave upon the region, it is tempting to head to the ocean and cool off.  I understand the need to find less populated areas due to the risk of COVID-19 in order to find a quiet place to take a dip, but the danger is still there.  Sharks are in the water off the coast of New England and it's wise not to take a swim near where their food source is.  Although researchers time and time again have said that humans are not their target, we get in their way and an exploratory bite can be lethal.  It’s tragic to hear of Maine’s first shark attack fatality.



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