Saying thank you to a first responder on the front line of this pandemic is nice but rewarding their efforts with money is even better. It’s about time! is reporting that NH Gov. Chris Sununu made the announcement on Monday. They will be paid the extra $300 weekly through the CARES Act and will be paid through federal funding.

First responders include full-time firefighters, emergency medical technicians, corrections and police officers, state troopers, and the part-timers have not been forgotten. Part-timers will get a $150 a week stipend. Not only is Gov. Sununu giving funding to first responders, but he also stated Monday that “Every town from Pittsburg to Portsmouth will be reimbursed for COVID-related expenses,” according to He even announced that he will be using funds to open up a portal to help provide masks to local businesses.

One of the biggest roadblocks some small businesses face when reopening is having enough personal protective equipment so it’s nice to see the State of New Hampshire give this support. I still salute those working on the front line of this pandemic and I am happy that they will be getting a boost in pay for working so hard. We literally owe them our lives.


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