Now, this is a trend I can get behind!  Those health care workers are there for us every day, usually, on the worst days, we are experiencing when we are sick or dealing with a sick loved one.  According to people are flying the Red Cross Flag as a tribute and thank you to health care workers.  Bob Hasshold of Newmarket tells “The Red Cross flag, to me, represents saving lives.”


The message is twofold.  Ted Jankowski started flying the Red Cross flag over the Thanksgiving Holiday in Portsmouth as a visible show of support to the healthcare workers fighting this pandemic tirelessly per the news outlet. He also hopes the flag will be a reminder for people to wear their masks to slow the spread of the virus.  The Red Cross flag idea is catching on.  Take a look around your town and notice that the Red Cross flags are flying not only on homes but also in other places such as the town hall in Newington, NH.  Hasshold is spreading the word and tells that his children in North Carolina are buying the Red Cross flags and hopes the trend will take off around the country.


Jankowski and Hasshold are teaming up to make the flags free with the assistance of the Portsmouth Public Library and trying to get them available through the Newmarket Town Hall according to  This sounds like such a fantastic idea.  What a great way to visually thank health care workers and a great reminder to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands.



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