So, it's snowing outside, and it's clearly piling up.

And while I'm new to the area, I'm also aware that if there's a snowstorm, there's no need to rush out and take to the streets.

Sure, I'm snowed in, but I've got a list of five foods to make with just the basics. And I don't need to go anywhere.

Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise

I saw this article on the Food Network. I can always count on them to come up with something good for ANY occasion. They are all great.

Here's what the Food Network thinks are good foods to eat while snowed in.

One-Pot Cacio e Pepe: This is fancy speak for cheese and pepper with spaghetti. Just when you thought you had nothing in your kitchen, you can make something like this that sounds fancy!

White Bean Dip: If you like hummus, than this will be right up your alley. I normally don't have a can of cannellini beans but after looking at the pic, I'm totally gonna grab one for the next snow day. That, a cold beer and some football can really be a good thing.

Breaded Chicken Cutlets: I'm totally trying these even if it's not a snow day. How easy is this recipe? AND... you look like you actually are some sort of chef. ha

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Corn Chip Chow: These three ingredients can never be a bad idea. I'd start with this as my snack...well after the egg, bacon and potato breakfast.

But of course, I would have to add to this list my wife Kristen's AMAZING chili!

That pot has been simmering for a long time! It is so delicious to eat and the perfect way to stay warm during a snowstorm.

How about you? Are there foods you make when snowed in?

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