I really thought we would be over this by now. 2020 has really been a tough year for everyone.  Now that the holidays are upon us and Thanksgiving is on Thursday, how are people in our area going to celebrate?

According to reporting by nhpr.org, there is no one size fits all for families in New Hampshire.

One NH resident who plans on attending multiple Thanksgiving celebrations told nhpr.org, “We’re just over it, you know? Whether the virus is here or not, people are gonna go. ... I’m not spending another minute not seeing the people that I enjoy spending time with.

And then, of course, there are some families that are planning a Zoom Thanksgiving.

Additionally, health care workers all over the country are preparing for a surge in patients over the months of December and January.

Tori Cullen, a registered nurse, told nhpr.org that ‘I love my family, and I love my aunts and uncles like their second parents.  I miss them so truly and brutally that I wish more than anything that I could just go to Thanksgiving and eat mashed potatoes and stay up way too late and just talk and talk for hours but, I can’t."

This year is especially tough for me.  My daughter is expecting her first child in the first week of February.  I’m thinking that my wife and I will go to see her around Christmas and my wife will stay with her to help get her ready for the new baby.  There is a mental health crisis in addition to the pandemic.  It physically hurts to be away from my family.  Until then, it’s wear my mask and wash my hands like crazy.

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