Some rise high only to fall hard.  It’s a heartbreaking tale heard too often these days.  So many lives lost to addiction.  It can happen to anyone.

Few of us have not known of at least one person or family touched by the addiction crisis.

WMUR9 reported on Chris Sullivan’s rise to fame and fall from opioid addiction.

Sullivan, a former Patriots defensive lineman, is not comfortable speaking in public but felt his story may help others.

He said in the news station report, “I started buying pain pills in 2001, I was released by the Steelers, I was getting a big paycheck to sit at home on my couch, $200,000 every two weeks.”

The speech is Chris Sullivan’s way of giving back and making a change in the lives of those struggling with addiction.  If it can happen to him, a college graduate and NFL player, it can happen to anyone.

He is speaking out about his story now to crush the stigma associated with addiction and to provide a beacon of hope to those in the midst of the struggle.

WMUR9 reported that Chris Sullivan’s speech is part of the “Realtors for Recovery” organization that is vying to raise $10,000 for which is much needed for four different addiction treatment facilities.

I admire Chris Sullivan’s efforts to help others and understand the sacrifice he must make by sharing his important story.  I think stories like Chris Sullivan’s recovery will help save lives.

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