Well, maybe outdoor dining in New England has run its course. Or…scurried its course.

According to the pest control company Orki, four New England cities made the list for “rattiest” in the United States. As in, the most rat-infested.

While three cities weren’t totally shocking, a somewhat surprising city barely made the list of the 50 most infested towns, scurrying into the final slot.

Boston was no surprise, leading all New England cities in 13th place. As New England’s largest major city, and home to many famous eateries, outdoor picnic areas, and Logan Airport, it’s not hard to picture the Hub landing in the top ten.

But it remains exactly where it fell a year prior, regardless of the final scene of The Departed.

I guessed Hartford next, as most would. We’d be correct, with Connecticut’s largest city coming in 19th. Perhaps the Hartford rats went through with the threat to move from Massachusetts once made by your New England Patriots.

Hartford was up two spots from last year.

Portland, Maine, was ranked the 45th rattiest city in America. Again, not surprising, as it is a growing city near a seaport, with many notable dining options. And residents can take solace in the fact it was down seven spots from a year ago.

Then, there was number 50.

Take a minute. Try to guess New England’s fourth rattiest city while you watch this (language NSFW) rat discussion...

It's...Burlington, Vermont.

Not only is Burlington one of the fifty most rat-infested American cities, according to Orkin; it is actually down 11 spots from last year.

Suffice to say – it might be time to get a cat at Ben & Jerry’s.

Chicago took the top spot, while New York leapfrogged Los Angeles to sit at number two. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a viral video of a rat carrying something strange on the subway.

Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the days when the only spot you’d see a rat carrying a pizza around was at this place.

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