Woah. An ice cream shop is NOT worth over three million dollars...is it?

Apparently, yes!

Four Seas Ice Cream has been operating in Centerville, one of the seven villages in Barnstable, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, since 1934.

That makes this ice cream joint 90 years old. They are approaching a full century of operations, which is unbelievable for an ice cream spot.

But does that make Four Seas Ice Cream worth $3.1 million dollars (the amount they are selling it for)?

Probably not.

Four Seas via Google Earth
Four Seas via Google Earth

The multimillion-dollar selling point for the ice cream business might be its past (and future) visitors.

According to an NBC Boston article,

The ice cream shop has been visited over the years by numerous vacationing celebrities, The Cape Cod Times said, including Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

And Cape Cod is frequently visited by other B and C-list celebrities, so Four Seas Ice Cream could have some other big-name visitors in the future too.

But it is not just celebrities that are making this ice cream spot known. Four Seas Ice Cream has been reviewed and raved about by Phantom Gourmet, Fox News, USA Today, and many others.

Here's part of Phantom Gourmet's review, according to the Four Seas website:

Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville is a picture perfect parlor with charming swivel stools at the counter. The blue and white themed sweet shop houses old fashioned dipping cabinets and a dining area framed with decades of newspaper articles

Here's some of the USA Today review, according to the Four Seas website:

The building, once a garage and blacksmith shop, “is sort of an old wooden rattletrap, but that adds to its charm. (Owner Dick) Warren’s personality and the (hired high school) kids’ exuberance make it the place everyone in the Hyannis Port area goes to.” Indeed, Warren provided the peach ice cream at Caroline Kennedy’s rehearsal dinner. “The best total experience of all (ice-cream places) I’ve visited. and he makes a dynamite lobster sandwich.”

The address for Four Seas Ice Cream is 360 S Main Street, Centerville, MA, 02632. Its website can be found here. 

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