As a writer and content creator, we rarely "advertise" events.

We try and post events that the public would be interested in, of course, but no advertising and coercing messaging like, "you should go," or "definitely check this awesome event out..." That changed for me when I saw this.

A friend of mine shared this on her Facebook page, and I needed to follow up to tell all of our first responders in New Hampshire.

First off, I am beyond proud to live in a state where we put the mental health of our service men and women at the forefront. Second off, here is the event:

Camp Resilience is a getaway for first responders, active and retired veterans, healthcare workers, and other service men and women in the beautiful Guilford, New Hampshire.

Did I mention it's free?

This free opportunity that supports the mental health of our frontline workers will include "fun and exciting sports activities like hiking, kayaking, Aerial Treetop Adventures and Yoga (Activities can be adapted to the individual's level of physical capability," according to the Facebook Page. "Lodging, meals, and activities are all provided at no cost to the participants, but they must arrange their own transportation to/from Gilford, NH."

This is absolutely an event I am freely advertising for. This is incredible, necessary, and beyond helpful for those who are able to utilize this opportunity.

While relaxing by the lake and taking place in fun activities, those who sign up will also have the opportunity to partake in workshops that "will be focused on effective ways to work through challenges, improving wellbeing and building resiliency skills through small-group discussion and hands-on activities," according to the Facebook page. "Workshops will help improve connections at home, at work and within your communities."

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The workshop begins August 16 at 3:00 PM and runs through August 19 at 2:00 PM. If you qualify to participate in this amazing opportunity, do it. One of my good friends and a New Hampshire first responder, Sue Marden said, "It was life-changing for me."

There are still open spots on as of August 12! If it is too late for you to squeeze this into your schedule, no worries. Save this event and page for next year.

If you do not qualify for this event, please tell someone who does. Veterans, healthcare workers, first responders, and others in service careers have a lot of weight from their work. From my father to my fiancé, I have seen many of my close loved ones be burdened with the stress of caring for others in high intensity situations.

At this workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn about and practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Share this with someone who would benefit from it, whether it be for this year or next.

Again, I am beyond proud to live in a state where we put the mental health of our service men and women at the forefront. Well done, New Hampshire.

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