The Free the Bacon campaign is a new tongue in cheek PSA courtesy of Mashable, in which Kevin Bacon advocates for more male nudity. No word on whether he'll be organizing a protest at Hampton Beach.

The Footloose star (that will forever be his role to me) touches upon how there is ample gratuitous female nudity yet little in the way of guys being undressed. On that subject he says“... it’s not fair to actresses, and it’s not fair to actors, because we want to be naked too. Gentlemen, it’s time to free the bacon."

By bacon, he means-- well, you know exactly what he means. Random aside, it's funny how pork products so readily translate to a specific part of male anatomy. You're listing them off in your head right now, aren't you? I just made you do that.

Anyhow, watch the public service message in all its glory.

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